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Selected State Agency Strategic Plans

StatePeriod and LinkItems of NoteVision (verbatim from the state)
CaliforniaFTB 12-16

BOE 10-15

EDD 12-16
  • Separate plans exist for the different tax agencies in California (Franchise Tax Board, Board of Equalization, and Employment Development Department).
  • Franchise Tax Board (FTB) plan includes a statement of principles of tax administration.
FTB: To achieve the highest level of excellence in tax administration, which will result in more taxpayers who file on time, file accurately, and pay the proper amount. FTB is a place where our employees, innovative technology solutions, and processes work together to provide leading edge customer service, operational effectiveness, and expert enforcement of tax law.

BOE: To be a trusted partner to the citizens of California. We want taxpayers to be able to retrieve and enter their tax information easily, online, how they want it, when they want it. We want taxpayers to enjoy continuity of service throughout all of their interactions with BOE. As a result of making it much easier for taxpayers, our vision is that BOE will be better positioned to maximize voluntary compliance with its tax and fee programs.

EDD: The EDD strengthens the economic vitality of Californians and their communities.

  • ​Based on Governor’s goals
  • Includes a goal to recommend “fiscally sounds legislation” to the legislature.
Iowa will be a state where it is easy to understand and comply with tax obligations.
KentuckyNot datedVersion posted on website does not include goals and objectives.
  • Improve Services to the Agencies of the Commonwealth and its Citizens
  • Increase Revenue Recovery Through Improved Efficiencies and Effectiveness
  • Develop and Retain DOR Workforce
  • Improve Internal and External Communications to All Stakeholders
  • Decrease Taxpayers’ Burden to Comply with Tax Laws
  • Promote and Develop E-Commerce/E-Revenue Initiatives
  • Detect and Eliminate Waste, Fraud and Abuse



  • Dept. of Revenue also has responsibility for alcohol and tobacco control, and charitable gaming.
  • Plan provides details on specific DOR functions and stakeholders.
  • Plan includes details on external and internal threats.
  • List of taxes and fees administered is extensive.
To be a results-based, innovative, and focused organization capable of responding rapidly to the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Includes an explanation of strategic planning and the need for it.
  • Includes specific goals and strategies.
The Department of Treasury will be the premier governmental financial service organization that:

  • Maintains an environment that stimulates innovation, efficiency and high quality customer service.
  • Employs the brightest and best.
  • Routinely challenges the status quo.
  • Uses leading edge technology.

MinnesotaJuly 2009
  • Dated July 2009; does not state period covered.
  • Includes values.
  • Everyone pays the right amount: no more, no less.
  • Citizens receive the services and information they need to meet their tax obligations and understand the revenue system.
  • Payment and refund systems are secure, fast, convenient, easy to use and accurate.
  • The revenue system keeps pace with changes in the economy and technology.
  • Employees perform meaningful and challenging work, and have opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Taxpayers trust us to protect their data.

New York"coming soon"
  • The Department of Taxation and Finance’s website on strategic plan just says “coming soon” without any link to an existing or past plan. (Viewed 5/13/15.)
Not available.
North CarolinaFY13-15
  • Includes a SWOT analysis and list of “external trends.”
We are better today than yesterday as we:

o Set and achieve standards of excellence in service, effectiveness and efficiency

o Build collaborative relationships internally and externally to ensure the best outcomes for the citizens of North Carolina

o Earn consistent respect by being open, honest and willing to dialogue

o Make a difference every day.
South CarolinaNo date mentioned
  • One of the department’s goals is to increase goodwill and to have meaningful conversations with stakeholders.
The SCDOR strives to be an innovative and trustworthy service partner for all stakeholders. To accomplish this vision, the SCDOR must:
  • Understand and anticipate market needs and services
  • Consistently provide timely, streamlined communication to our stakeholders
  • Ensure functional security that balances enterprise risk management with quality, timely service
  • Build and maintain meaningful, ongoing dialog with key stakeholders to provide benchmark service for the state
  • Recruit, train, retain and reward employees who make a positive difference
  • 142 pages long (rather than the typical 10 – 20 pages)
Not stated
  • One of the stated values is “Personal Responsibility: We strive to honor commitments, accept ownership for agency performance and personal performance, and to achieve positive outcomes.”
  • Includes specific goals and strategies.
To instill the highest degree of public confidence in our integrity and reliability by providing prompt, accurate and courteous service while promoting compliance with the tax laws and setting our performance as the benchmark for government.
  • Mentions Business Activity Tax Simplification Act (to update PL 86-272) and Marketplace Fairness Act (to let states collect sales tax from some remote vendors).
  • Includes a plan for disaster recovery.
To achieve the highest level of voluntary compliance and customer service through collaboration and innovation.
  • Included in 2014 Annual Report (page 79)

This chart does not include all states with strategic plans. Some states are not included because a plan could not be found at the tax agency’s website.